Things to Consider When Building Your Home- Part #2

Building a home is an exciting time. For some people, it is their first home together and for others it is a home they are building for the retirement years. Whatever category you may fall under, one thing is certain, it has to be perfect for you and your lifestyle. Last month we covered five things that you want to consider when you are building your home and today we are going to cover five more areas you might want to think about when building.

Consideration #6- Laundry Room Placement

This is an important one to consider as many people prefer the washer and dryer near the bedrooms. It does make sense but some like the idea and others do not. You have to take into consideration how often you will use the laundry room and where the majority of your laundry is coming from. The less amount of laundry you have to carry up or down the stairs, the better.

Consideration # 7- Bedroom Placement

Your bedroom should be your resting place where you can go to relax. Considering where you place your bedroom is very important. Your bedroom needs to be far enough away from noise and traffic. If possible, avoid placing it over the garage so that you will not hear the garage door open and close. Making these considerations will ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

Consideration # 8- Kitchen Placement

The kitchen is considered the heart of your home but that doesn’t mean it has to be centered directly in the middle of your house. Think about carrying in groceries, it is already a chore so trekking through the living room or laundry area only makes it less appealing. Place the kitchen in proximity to the entrance or mudroom so that it is easily accessible. This also makes it easier when entertaining guests.

Consideration # 9- Garage Placement

There are two things to consider when talking about the placement of the garage, one being front or side load garage, and two being what do you want your garage to lead into in your home. Side load garages usually add more width to the dimensions of the home and give it great curb appeal, front load is convenient and easily accessible. Having a garage lead into a mudroom or kitchen area is convenient for a couple reasons, one being topic #8 that we just covered, ¬†and two being that it doesn’t track dirt and mud through other areas of the home. Whatever you prefer, consider how you will use your garage and what conveniences it will offer you.

Consideration # 10- Make Sure It Works For YOU

You know what is best for you and your family. It is always nice to get considerations from professionals but make sure that it is what you want and that it can work for you. If you need that second floor laundry area because you have three very messy children then make sure that is what you get. Don’t sacrifice things in your new build home that you will not be able to live with or without in the years to come. And above all else, enjoy every moment of this process as this is a very exciting time in your life.

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