Greenprint for Success: How P&D Builders Positioned Their Business for Today’s Homebuyer

Originally published by AEP Ohio in the 2017 Efficiency Today magazine. Click here to read the full article


Mac Roberts remembers a time in the not-so-distant past when green construction practices were asked about once in a blue moon.

Today, he reports that customer requests for energy-efficient homes are the norm versus the exception. “We build about 25 homes per year–all of them ENERGY STAR® Certified,” said Roberts, an owner/principal at Central Ohio’s P & D Builders. “In fact, we’re in the process of building net-zero houses for two customers.”

For readers green in the ways of efficient home building lingo, “net-zero” refers to a home that at least creates as much energy as it uses.

About 75 percent of the homes built by P & D in 2016 were in AEP Ohio’s service footprint. For those homes, they were able to take advantage of the AEP Ohio EfficiencyCraftedTM Program, which supports a homebuilder’s green building efforts and provides third-party efficiency verification.

“AEP Ohio’s program definitely factored into our efficiency approach,” said Roberts. “Our company is always looking for ways to perfect our craft of homebuilding, and the support we received helped position us for the uptick in demand for efficient homes.”

Led by Roberts, who spearheads the company’s emphasis on efficiency, P & D won a coveted AEP Leadership Award in 2016 for their sustained excellence. And, they’re regular winners at the annual EfficiencyCraftedTM Recognition Lunch for builders and raters. “They win so many awards, they’ve practically worn a place in the winners circle,” said Jim Miller, energy efficiency program manager at AEP Ohio. “They deserve every piece of hardware on what must be a very crowded shelf.”

“AEP Ohio’s program definitely factored into our efficiency approach…Our company is always looking for ways to perfect our craft of homebuilding, and the support we received helped position us for the uptick in demand for efficient homes.” Mac Roberts, Owner/Principal, P & D Builders

A glance at the history of P & D Builders lets you know that this is a company that is used to peer and customer recognition. Founded in 1962 by Richard E. Dillon, P & D has built relationships as rock-solid as their homes. “It’s all about trust, respect, communication and the mutual exchange of ideas,” explains Roberts. Roberts is one of a four-person dream team at P & D, along with owner/principals, Dan Dillon, Darin Hilt and Ed Snodgrass, each a specialist with a different homebuilding expertise.

With hundreds of happy clients living in homes built to uniquely high efficiency standards, an overcrowded award shelf, and a habit of never resting on their laurels, the future at P & D looks to be a very bright green.

Lower your Utility Bills with these Energy-Efficiency Tips

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The summer heat can start to get to you and your bills. In the dog days of summer, we are used to turning down the air and staying cool inside, this can quickly add up when it comes to utility costs. P&D Builders is here to offer you some tips on how to make changes to help you save on your bills so you can spend that money out enjoying the summer with your friends and family.

Energy-Efficient Homes
Here at P&D Builders we take pride in ensuring that your home is built for energy efficiency. We are proud to announce that we are now a 3.0 ENERGY STAR home builder, making your new home more comfortable and reducing utility bills by making your home more energy efficient. Our Exclusive “SEAL-TIGHT” energy system is a complete program that produces the MOST Energy Efficient homes in the industry and is STANDARD in every home we build!

Quick, energy-efficient fixes
There are major changes you can make to reduce your energy bills, but small ones as well. These easy tasks include:
• Replacing weather stripping on a drafty door
• Washing laundry in cold water
• Changing your ceiling fan’s direction
• Using energy-efficient light bulbs
These simple changes will make a difference on your next round of bills!

Save more than just on bills
Energy-efficient upgrades provide you and your family savings, there is no question about that. In addition to lowering your monthly utility bill or making your home more comfortable in extreme weather, you might be eligible for tax credits, rebates and additional savings. You can make major renovations such as replacing your furnace or updating your windows and be eligible for tax credits. If you have any questions about the tax programs in your state and which ones you are eligible, refer to this website:

P&D Builders Is the Winner of the AEP 2016 Leadership Award


The AEP Leadership Award is given to one entity annually based on continual involvement and a sincere partner relationship.

“P&D Builders and Mac Roberts have been a force to be reckoned with in the energy efficiency arena since 2011 when they submitted their first completed new build project. Each year they continue to grow their program. They have received numerous awards through our Efficiency Crafted New Homes program and have been an Energy Efficiency Champion, along with a Sustained Excellence Award winner. They have built some of the most efficient homes in our area as based on the Home Energy Rating System or HERS. In addition, all of P&D Builders homes are ENERGY STAR Certified.”

“P&D Builders continues to be an advocate for our Energy Efficiency programs. Their innovative spirit is evident through the homes they craft for the annual BIA Parade of Homes. “We are consistently evaluating our energy efficient home building techniques and are always looking for ways to get better,” states Mac Roberts, president of P&D Builders.”

Home Building and Renovation Trends for 2016

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Is building or remodeling a home on your to do list for 2016? Here is a look into the home construction and renovation trends for 2016:

Natural selection: People are stepping away from the super-dark, hand scraped floors. Consider engineered woods with a lighter, more natural finish. Experts believe that white, gray and washed-wood finishes are making a comeback. Think about bleached, limed or fumed woods with matte finishes or sealed-only floors. Engineered products aren’t necessarily cheaper, but you can achieve a more exotic look this way. Stone floors are also showing up in more unexpected places, like master bedrooms.

Clean lines, more open spaces: Experts believe that new construction is going more contemporary. Even those who choose to stick with more traditional exteriors are going with modern, open concepts on the inside. That means fewer hallways and tiny rooms that aren’t being used. Open floor plans mean more usable space; these usually include kitchens that open to the den and possibly dining areas. Homeowners are better understanding that 100% of the space in their home should be completely usable.

Formal reformed: There has been a lot of talk about how the formal living room and dining rooms have been eradicated from the new home, but that is simply not true. These rooms still exist, they just function differently. Many people are choosing to make these rooms multi-functional, they are using them are libraries, offices or even places to entertain. The designated dining room still exists; it is just more open and casual therefore making it more livable.

Go Green: Just like every other trend for the New Year, the home building industry is going green. Energy saving appliances can help you save money and use less energy in your home. P&D Builders can even take it a step further by offering an energy efficient home which makes your home more comfortable and reduces your utility bills.

2016 is going to be a great year, if you are interested in speaking with P&D Builders about building your dream home contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is all the rave right now. The more money it can save you the better. Just like you would shop for an energy efficient washer or dryer you also can shop for an energy efficient home builder. There are a lot of great benefits of owning an energy efficient home. Let’s start with the first benefit…

Energy Efficient Benefit #1- It saves you money

Whether it is an energy efficient home or just an energy efficient appliance, you will save a lot of money by purchasing an energy star rated product. For instance, Energy Star appliances can save you up to 30% a year your energy bill. An Energy Star home will save you an average of 20% annually on your energy bill.

Energy Efficient Benefit #2- It helps to improve the economy

Energy efficiency not only saves you money at home but it also helps the economy in more ways than you can probably imagine. Overall, energy efficiency is saving the government more than $500 billion in avoided energy costs. It has also created several hundred thousand jobs nationwide. And of course, it spurs new innovations in energy efficiency. It is a constant, “What will they think of next?”

Energy Efficient Benefit #3- It is good for our planet

You don ‘t have to give much thought into this one, the less energy we use the less natural resources we are using therefore cutting down on pollution. Today the United States is using 52% less energy than we were before energy efficient technologies were introduced. That means that is 52% less products and resources that we have to use therefore allowing those resources to stay on our planet longer. Energy efficiency is going to provide a better future for our children’s children.

Energy Efficient Benefit #4- Guaranteed comfort and peace of mind

In an Energy Star certified home you can ensure comfort and peace of mind with consistent temperatures across your home, an increase in indoor air quality with the elimination of dust, pollen, bugs, excessive humidity. The windows in an energy efficient home also help to block harmful sunlight that can cause UV damage to you and your furniture and flooring.

*Here at P&D Builders we take pride in ensuring that your home is built for energy efficiency. We are proud to announce that we are now a 3.0 ENERGY STAR home builder, making your new home more comfortable and reducing utility bills by making your home more energy efficient.Our Exclusive “SEAL-TIGHT” energy system is a complete program that produces the MOST Energy Efficient homes in the industry…and is STANDARD in every home we build!