Things to Consider When Building Your Home-Part #1

New Home Build

So you want to build your dream home!? You have shopped around, found the perfect builder and floor plan, got your loan approval, and now you are ready to start the process – or so you thought! The floor plan that you have picked out seems perfect for your life now but what about years from now? Have you thought about certain details of your new home that you might long for in the future or realize you don’t have a need for in another two years? These are small details that many first time new home builders don’t consider. When building a new home it is crucial that you look at your home from many angles. For instance, you might want to consider building a 4-bedroom home instead of a 3-bedroom home if you are thinking about expanding your family in a few years.  That is just one of the many things you will want to consider in this process of building your dream home.

Consideration 1# –Pay Attention to your HVAC System

If you do not plan well this can lead to issues with moisture and mold growth which can cause health problems. You also want to take into consideration the size of the home in comparison to the size of the unit. Make sure that come winter time when temperatures are below freezing your home stays warm.

 Consideration #2- Space Planning

If you are building a smaller to medium sized home and you want it to be efficient for your everyday life then space planning and design are crucial. When building, you want to pay close attention to where you are placing your storage space. Do you need a huge walk-in closet in every room? Could that space be added to the bedroom or a bathroom? Pay attention to where you put closets and make sure that there is also one in the main hallway. Do you want a foyer closet? If so, consider the climate that you live in. For instance, if you live in Florida you may not need a large foyer closet for coats. You want to be sure that you consider every part of your lifestyle and living conditions when space planning.

Consideration #3- Overall Planning

When building and customizing your new home you should take your lifestyle and habits into consideration. Are you planning on staying in this home for a long time? Will you need more rooms in the future if you are thinking about expanding your family? Will you stay in this home as you reach retirement age and beyond? If so, consider the size of the home or the amount of stairs you are putting in your home as this may be an issue as you age. Considering these factors will ensure that your new home is all you want it to be for many years to come.

Consideration #4- Lighting

Lighting can add so much to a home. It can awaken an otherwise dull room making it appear larger. If lighting is important to you, make sure you have ample amounts of outlets to plug in lighting fixtures and lamps. If natural lighting is important to you, make sure there are plenty of windows in every room as this will brighten the space. Also you want to consider skylights or recessed lighting if you prefer overhead light such as in a kitchen or family room.

Consideration #5- Under Utilized Rooms

Planning to build a play room, game room, or even a sun room sounds nice, but will it get used to its full advantage? Unused rooms often get dubbed as a dumping ground for junk instead of the original purpose it was built for. If you plan on building one of these types of rooms make sure it can easily transition as your life changes or your family expands, otherwise it become useless space that could have been used for something else.

‘Things to Consider When Building Your Home’ -part #2 continues next month as we explore more areas you will want to think about when beginning the building process.