New Home Construction Trends

Indoor shot of a beautiful pregnant woman working at her modern home office.

P&D Builders LTD. has been in the new home construction business for over 50 years! As a company, we have seen many trends come and go. Trends evolve with time and it is our job to keep up to date with what homebuyers want. A few current trends going on now are as follows:

Geometric Tile

This is a simple solution that will make a big impact. You have to choose the flooring in your new kitchen, so if you go with tile. This is something to greatly consider. Geometric patterns with bold and contrasting color schemes are huge right now. Whether you want to go with a simple black and white, or something more complex, it will add character to your space that is sure to catch the eye of your guests.

Nooks and Built-Ins 

Old homes in the area are known for their nooks and built-ins. Thanks to this new trend in home construction, we are seeing them appear more frequently now. New home construction clients are spending more time incorporating built-in storage benches, window seats and bookshelves into their spaces. This will greatly benefit the resale value of your home making it timeless and highly functional.

Oversize Islands

The formal dining room MIGHT start to fade away in the upcoming years. The space is starting to be replaced by in-home offices or more functional rooms. In order to do without the formal dining rooms, the kitchen needs to be the main place for family meals. The oversized islands are accommodating all the family needs such as dining, homework and entertainment. These larger islands can also hold many of the common kitchen items such as an extra sink, more counter space, a microwave and more.

In-home Offices

The modern workforce is quickly transitioning to the remote work environment. Which has resulted in an increased number of home offices being requested. We are shying away from home offices being an old spare bedroom, instead we are seeing offices incorporated in the original design of the home with built-in bookshelves. If you are looking to build an in-home office, make sure you are thinking about how and when you work. If the office is located in a prime position in the home, this would be great for someone who enjoys noise and is good at multitasking. If you need privacy, one of the upstairs corners of the home might be better. Also consider permanent shelving and how big of a desk you are going to need.

Liven up your Kitchen with These Simple Changes


Your kitchen is used every single day; it is the heart of your home and also a major selling point. Completely remodeling your kitchen is a great way to keep it up to date but also expensive. If you do not have the budget right now, here are a few cheap changes that can transform the look of your kitchen.

  1. Remove, recycle and refresh. If the doors on your cabinets are old and ugly, take them off and create an open shelving option for your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to update the hardware on your drawers and cabinets. What is worn down in the kitchen can usually be painted or refinished to give it a modern look.
  2. Add more storage. Either declutter your space or add more storage. These options include adding hanging racks, open shelves and cabinet organizers to store the essentials.
  3. Change out lighting. Depending on the age of your kitchen, you will most likely have pendant lighting or fluorescent overhead fixtures. To bring your kitchen into the modern age, consider replacing some of those fixtures with recessed alternatives or LED lighting. Even just replacing the bulbs is cheaper, easy to install and saves energy.
  4. Upgrade your faucet. Do you have an old-fashioned faucet? Is it time for a change? Instead of replacing the entire sink, just changing the faucet can give the kitchen a whole new look. Think about energy-efficient alternatives like low-flow faucets to save you money on your water bill, or adjustable, restaurant-style varieties for the chef in the family.
  5. Hide your counters. Old countertops can suffer through the years. If you have worn countertops but don’t have the budget to replace them. Find creature ways to hide their blemishes. Add decorative cutting boards, hide them under appliances or apply a fresh coat of paint.
  6. Paint your cabinets. Painting or refinishing your cabinets is another inexpensive way to change the look of your space. It is less expensive than buying new ones and at the same time it refreshes the appearance of your entire kitchen. Don’t paint them any weird colors though, and avoid bright hues.
  7. Add a backsplash. Backsplashes can be customized based on the color scheme of your kitchen. It is as easy as buying tiles at a local home improvement store and using caulk and grout to install them in the design or style you want.

All of these are simple, inexpensive changes you can make to your space to give it a much needed makeover.