Interior Design Trends in 2017

Interior design of modern Living room/ home improvement & decoration concept

A new year tends to bring new trends. Interior design trends change often therefore many people find it fun and exciting to hear what is on the forecast for the upcoming year.

Color of the year

Each year Pantone Color Institute  chooses a color that they believe to be the hot color of that year. This year Pantone has identified “greenery” as 2017’s color of the year. The “life-affirming shade” is a slightly muted bright nature tone. Various shades of green are expected to be seen but not limited to furniture, fabric, paint, wallpaper and accent items.


It is no question that technology is heavily shaping and changing the world around us. You can expect the same thing for interior design this year. In some cases, technology, can be viewed as over the top, like checking the temperature of your refrigerator using an app. Regardless, the new technology is typically viewed as extremely helpful so designers are taking that into consideration. Homeowners should expect to see more easy-to-use technology such as smart door locks and more touch screens.


Marble has been replaced in the previous years by granite and quartz because it is vulnerable to chipping, staining and fading. Marble is returning to the kitchen in the form of backdrops and counters that are not used frequently. For those that are worried about the durability, quartz companies are making a convincing faux marble.


Velvet is making its way back in more ways than one. Not only is fashion bringing it back, interior design is as well. Comfort is looking to push leather to the side on upholstered furniture. The soft weave of velvet in particular is expected to continue gaining ground this year, often in patterns.

Bold Floors

Wood is expected to continue dominating under foot, but designers expect bolder foot treatments, especially in kitchens to make a comeback this year. Bold floors are a way to make more of a statement in different rooms in the upcoming year. Even if it as simple as a darker wood instead of a lighter wood, it will definitely catch the eye of your guests.

As previously mentioned, interior design is always changing and evolving. Here at P&D we like to stay on top of both home building trends and interior design trends to best help our customers.