Prepping your Home for Fall and Winter

Prepping your home for fall

The fall season is so beautiful here in Ohio! The trees are turning beautiful shades of red and orange, the air is crisp and the smell of pumpkin is just about everywhere you turn! This time of year also means that the cold winter is just around the corner which means that it is time to start prepping your home. Here is a fall checklist you can follow over the next couple weekends (while the temps are still manageable) to help get your home cozy and ready for the winter.

  • Prep your landscape– The roots in the grass keep growing until the ground gets down to about 40 degrees so it is important to keep it nourished. It is recommended that you apply a high-phosphorus (12-25-12) mix to encourage healthy roots. Come spring time, your grass will be green and vibrant. This is also a great time to trim trees and shrubs.
  • Install outdoor lighting– As the winter months approach the sunset becomes earlier and earlier. It is important that the lighting around your home or garage is adequate should you need to take the trash out late when there is little to no light around. This ensures safety for you and your holiday guests as well.
  •  Freeze-proof exterior faucets– The faucet to your outdoor watering hose is the one faucet that is most susceptible to extremely cold weather. Replace your outdoor hose faucet with a freeze-proof faucet to avoid any freezing of pipes.
  • Weather-proof windows and doors– a door’s weather seals can rip, compress, bend or even wear out over time, leaving small gaps for cold air to come in. Replace any broken or ripped seals, caulk around the windows where there are small gaps. You do not want the heat escaping your home this can become very costly in terms of energy expenses.
  • Have your HVAC systems inspected– Before the cold weather gets here and you find yourself cranking up the heat, make sure to have your furnace inspected. Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, the system can wears itself out quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home or simply stop working. Also make sure to change your furnace filter. You will see a huge difference in the air quality and it will run more efficiently.
  • Clean your gutters– As the leaves begin to fall you will find a leaf build up in your gutters and it is important to remove any leaves, nests, and other debris that may have accumulated over the year. If your gutters are clogged and rain turns to ice it can begin to weigh heavy on your gutters causing them to fail. If it snows the water will have no where to flow once it melts. Hire a professional or clean them yourself before it gets too cold.
  • Repair any damaged walk areas– It can become very dangerous if your sidewalks and walkways around your home are broken or uneven, especially when the snow and ice come. Make sure to repair any walkways to ensure safety for your family and holiday guests.

When your home is prepped for the colder months, it can be a lot less of a hassle going into the brutal winter months. This will ensure a peace of mind knowing you have prepared your home for any mishaps that winter can throw your way.