Home Organization Tips

Modern study room interior

We all know the key to happiness is a clean home right? Well that is not exactly true but a clean, organized home can make you feel a lot better than you think. Everyone has their own style and can choose to organize their home in whatever way works best for them and their families. We just wanted to offer a few tips that we found helpful.

Create a vision before you organize

How many times have you said “I’m going to organize my closet”, only to get discouraged halfway through the process? The solution here is to create your vision first, then organize. It’s when you first take the time to think things through before you being doing the work. Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How do I want to use the space in my closet?
  • Will I store just the season’s clothes? Will I use half for things other than clothing?
  • How’s the lighting?
  • Do I need a step stool to reach the shelves?
  • Do I want to keep my hamper in the closet or move it to the bathroom?

Hooks can be your best friend

Getting organized doesn’t necessarily mean having custom shelves built to clear the over-cluttered corners. We look for practical solutions with an aesthetic flair first. It’s not necessary to answer the organizing dilemma with an expensive or time-consuming project. Using hooks that you buy at the department store can be the first step on the path of organization. Here are a few good places hooks come in handy:

  • Bathrooms: blow dryers and curling irons
  • Kitchens: brooms, aprons & towels
  • Bedrooms: Purses, accessories
  • Home office: cords, headsets & chargers


Getting rid of items in your home is no easy or quick task. It can seem overwhelming and it can feel like you are moving stuff around rather than getting rid of everything. With your intention set towards subtracting items from a particular room, start with one spot for example the dining room table, and remove items that don’t work or you simply do not need. Place them in a “somewhere else pin” and come back to the pin when you have time and deliver them where you see fit.

Drop Zones

No this isn’t the newest ride at the amusement park. This is an area for each member of your family to put his or her belongings right when they enter the house so they don’t end up anywhere else. Set up a table right inside the garage or front door. This will help keep your home organized and also the members of the family organized. If they drop their gym bag in the drop zone, next time they are looking for it it will be right where they left it!

There are many different ways to generate more organization in your space. These are just a few ideas to think about. Keep up with our blog for more home organization tips!