Benefits of an Open-Concept Home Design

open-concept home design

In today’s market, it seems as though more and more people are opting for an open-concept home design when looking for a new home. Gone are the days of having each room separated from one another. In home design, both production and custom, we are seeing this trend move towards an open concept.

We are now seeing less formal dining areas and more kitchenettes and dining areas in the kitchen. The traditional dining style is moving towards more of a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen. This new style also makes for easier entertaining. Here are a few other great reasons for the open-concept home design.

  1. More functional Entertaining Space – As we mentioned above, the open-concept home design eliminates the walls and doors dividing up space. This concept allows the host and the guests to feel more connected and enjoy the time together without feeling left out or separated.
  2. Maximize the Flow of Natural Light – With the open-concept design, it allows for large windows to let the natural light flow throughout the home more easily. Imagine large transom windows in a great room bringing in enough light to brighten the whole home.
  3. Added Visibility – If you have small children or pets, you will appreciate this one. Without several walls and doors dividing each room, you are able to keep an eye on your small children and pets easier. Even though you may be in the kitchen, you can still see them in the living room or dining area.
  4. Maximize the Square Footage –  By de-compartmentalizing your home and opening up the space, your home will feel a little larger. The less walls you have and the more open space, the bigger it will feel.
  5. Your Kitchen Becomes the Focal Point – As mentioned previously, with the open-concept design you not only have a larger area to entertain but your guests feel more welcome and comfortable sitting in the kitchen. Your kitchen becomes more of the focal point, or the heart, of the home. This is one main reason why many clients prefer to add the extra bells and whistles to the kitchen. This will become the highlight of the home.

As more people enter into the home market, the more we are noticing a rise in demand for these open-concept floor plans. This change in home design is adding more space for growing families and more opportunity for entertaining. If you are interested in speaking with P&D Builders about building your dream home contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.