How Floor Heating Can Add Value to Your Home

floor heating Summer is in full swing and the heat is turning up, however, it may not be a bad idea to start making plans for a more comfortable winter. After the “Polar Vortex” that hit Ohio, many people are looking for new ways to face the cold weather head on. One of these ways is by installing under floor heating. This new technology has been around for years but with the harsh winters that Ohio brings, this technology is steadily growing.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Nothing is worse than getting out of a warm bed in the middle of January only to walk onto the cold bathroom floor. The mad dash to the shower is one that gets more uncomfortable with every step. The inside of your home should be a safe haven from the cold and not something that adds to its effects. Fortunately, heating your bathroom floor can be a great solution for the bitter cold temps just below your feet. What is great about this technology is the ability to set a timer so the floors are warm right as you wake up!

Heated Patio Floors

Do you ever wish that your sunroom or enclosed patio could be used to entertain guests year round instead of just in the spring and summer months? By applying heated floor technology to your sunroom or enclosed patio they now become a place to entertain for your next holiday party. Despite the snow falling outside, you can comfortably heat these rooms by simply “turning on the floor”. It’s so effective that you can walk around barefoot without even realizing that just outside the windows are below freezing temps.

Heated Driveways

Unless you are one of those people who really enjoy the cold, then you will appreciate another innovative way that will help with the pesky shoveling that comes with those mid-winter months. By simply flipping a switch when you wake, up your driveway becomes a warm bed of concrete melting away the snow and ice. This will ensure safety and make it easier to get onto the street. This heated technology can help to save you time in the mornings allowing you to focus on other things besides clearing the driveway.

These pioneering technologies may seem expensive but as a one-time investment to install, they can save time and are relatively inexpensive to operate. Whether it is more time in the mornings or more time to entertain guests, this heated floor technology can add great value to your home and to your lives.If you have any questions on this technology and how P&D Builders can customize your home for the winter months give us a call at (740) 201-8079!