Spring Home Maintenance Tips

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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is back! After a long Ohio winter, it can be exciting to see the sun shining and the leaves growing back. The outdoors can really take a hit after the winter months, that is why it is important to give the exterior some TLC when the warm weather starts back up. Here are a few maintenance tips to help get your home back in shape.

  1. Examine Roof Shingles. Check out the roof to see if any shingles were lost or damaged during the winter months. If your roof is getting up there in age, it might be time to think about putting money aside for a replacement. The summer sun can be harsh on roof shingles. If there are any that are cracked, buckled or loose it is time to replace them.
  2. Probe the wood trim. Use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around windows, doors, railings and decks. Make repairs now before the spring rains do more damage to the exposed wood.
  3. Check the Gutters. Check for loose or leaky gutters. Improper drainage can lead to water in the basement or crawl space. Make sure downspouts drain away from the foundation and are clear and free of debris.
  4. Inspect the Concrete. Inspect concrete slabs for signs of cracks or movement. All exterior slabs except pool decks should drain away from the home’s foundation. Fill cracks with a concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. When the weather permits, power-wash and then seal the concrete.
  5. Check outdoor faucets. Make sure hose faucets do not have any freeze damage from winter. Turn on the water to make sure everything is running correctly. This would be a great time to check the garden hose as well.

These are just a few things you can do to make sure everything is running properly so that way you do not run into problems in the summer months. From everyone here at P&D Builders, Happy Spring!

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