Simple Fall Decorating Tips

A family raking fall leaves outdoors together, working as a team in their home back yard. Children, a boy and girl, provide assistance, helping parents rake and bag. A residential building, their house, is in the background.  The happy group conveys teamwork and togetherness as they complete autumn yard work chores.

Fall weekends are filled with seasonal fun like going to the pumpkin patch, apple picking or tailgating with your friends. There is not much time left to spend decorating, so we have crafted a list of quick decorating fixes that will not take a large amount of your weekend time.

Dining Room

Livening up your dining room table with some fall flair is an obvious starting point, since you’ll likely be using it to serve up a game day buffet or family feast. You do not have to overdo it or do anything crazy but a little bit can go a long way. A few pumpkins, candles and flowers can make a beautiful table and add a fall feel without much effort.

Head to your local grocery store to grab a fall flower arrangement or some greenery. Choose a vase with a narrow opening to help corral the flowers and make them easier to arrange. As for table linens and place settings, keep the colors neutral so your centerpiece can be the focal point.

The Living Room

A common fixture is most living rooms is a fireplace. This gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up the mantel for the season. Adding some fall-colored blooms, pinecones and candles are great and easy options that will liven up the space. Drape some natural and seasonal garlands, like cotton branches to make the space feel festive.

The Kitchen

If you are hosting any events this fall, the kitchen will be one of the main gathering places for cooking and eating. Do not miss this opportunity to make this room stand out. Find a few spots to place accent items and make sure they are visible but not in the way. Natural elements like a large pumpkin and pinecones piled in a bowl are all you need. Another helpful thing for guests would be to set up a drink station on the counter or on a bar cart. This can keep drinks hot or cool depending on what is being served.

Focusing on key areas where your family and friends tend to gather will make your home feel welcoming and warm in the cooler days ahead! Enjoy the season!

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