Settling into Your New Custom Home

Family Unpacking Moving In Boxes From Removal Truck

Your custom home is finished and it’s time to get settled in! This can mean more than sitting down on the couch in an empty living room or ordering pizza for the first couple nights in. The following tasks will help you get to know your new home and community in an organized manner. Moving into a new custom home is an awesome and exhausting experience. So first things first, take a deep breath and catch up on some much needed sleep, then take on these tasks.

Change of Address

You might have thought of this before you moved, but if slipped your mind then now is the time to take on the task! You will want to transfer all existing utility services to your new address. Next, fill out a change-of-address form for the United States Post Office. Then start updating all other items such as magazine subscriptions and banking information, that way you are not going months without receiving important documents. And finally, don’t forget to transfer items such as school and medical records. If you can update this information online, that will be easiest!

Getting to know your Home

There might be a new security system that you are unfamiliar with or you might not know where the circuit-breaker panel is located. Take time to set up any systems, appliances or connect your smart devices. Also check the batteries to ensure the smoke alarms and carbon-monoxide detectors work.

Introduce your Family  

Neighbors can play a huge role in your new neighborhood. Not only is it fun to meet new people, this will help establish a community trust. The more effort you put into getting to know your neighbors, the better it will be in the long run. You can begin to look out for one another and help each other out when it is needed.

Take a long Walk or Drive

Grab the family and take a walk or drive around your new parts! This is a great way to meet people, get to know the area and learn about what is a possible walk or short drive away from your new home. Start to learn where the closest bank, grocery store, gas station locations are and that will make your life easier when you do not have to GPS everywhere.

Enjoy your new custom home and thank you for choosing P&D Builders!

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