P&D Pushes for more ‘Pantry Power’

P&D is leading the way in a new trend for larger and more useful pantry space. In a recent article by the Columbus Dispatch P&D was recognized for their progressive use of traditional pantry space in one of their Sunbury homes featured in this year’s Parade of Homes. Dubbed a ‘super pantry’ these spaces are still attached to the kitchen for easy access, but unlike traditional pantries they have more space for storage and include areas for additional food preparation. These spacious offshoots are perfect for adjustable shelving to store items like bottled water, bulk food, snacks, paper towels and other sundries. Some spaces are being fitted with sinks for extra prep room, or lightweight appliances like blenders, toasters and microwaves. This keeps the devices available for quick use, but prevents them from cluttering up the main kitchen space. P&D’s latest design includes a unique quarter size door which connects the pantry to the garage for easy grocery delivery.

Many older homes don’t have the flexible floor plan to allow for the expansion/addition of a new pantry area, but new homes don’t have that limitation. All of the P&D homes have excellent options for large pantries, or have the potential to add them to existing floor plans. Please contact Ed Snodgrass or call (740) 201-8079 for more information about new home construction and integrating a ‘super pantry’ into your dream home designs.

Click Here to read the full article in the Columbus Dispatch by Melissa Kossler Dutton.

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