P&D Builders Is the Winner of the AEP 2016 Leadership Award


The AEP Leadership Award is given to one entity annually based on continual involvement and a sincere partner relationship.

“P&D Builders and Mac Roberts have been a force to be reckoned with in the energy efficiency arena since 2011 when they submitted their first completed new build project. Each year they continue to grow their program. They have received numerous awards through our Efficiency Crafted New Homes program and have been an Energy Efficiency Champion, along with a Sustained Excellence Award winner. They have built some of the most efficient homes in our area as based on the Home Energy Rating System or HERS. In addition, all of P&D Builders homes are ENERGY STAR Certified.”

“P&D Builders continues to be an advocate for our Energy Efficiency programs. Their innovative spirit is evident through the homes they craft for the annual BIA Parade of Homes. “We are consistently evaluating our energy efficient home building techniques and are always looking for ways to get better,” states Mac Roberts, president of P&D Builders.”

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