New Home Construction Trends

New residential construction home framing against a blue sky.

When it comes to building a new home, you have a lot of questions to think about, some are larger scale and some are smaller. Trends in the interior design world seem to change by the season or year. When it comes to home construction changes, the changes occur at a slow pace, some trends even lasting decades. Home fashions take a while to build momentum, but they are happening. Here is a look at a few trends in the world of home construction.

Solar roofing

Recent improvements in solar tech have moved solar panels from an expensive niche technology to a reality for many homeowners. One of the main factors that has really made solar panels popular is the amount of support it has received from power companies, state and local governments and eco-conscious investors. The support means leasing options, subsidies and tax breaks for solar customers. If you are redoing or getting a new roof for your home, that is a great time to consider solar panels as well.

Smart Homes

Smart phones, smart cars, it seems everything these days are upping their technology to become smarter for their end users. Every year, companies are rolling out some type of new technology to help people better manage their homes. Many things in the home can now be controlled by an app whether you are in the home or across the country. Some items that can be controlled by your phone include doorbells, portable cameras, two-way speakers, television devices, thermostats and more. Homes are being retrofitted with these devices and it is believed they will come standard in new home construction moving forward.

Barn Doors

Yes, this does pertain to the interior design of the house, it also has to deal with the construction of the home. Most interior barn doors slide on a bar mounted above the frame, which presents a smaller profile for interior thresholds. Because these sliding doors offer a rustic charm while remaining functional, the use cases for barn doors are myriad. From closet doors to room dividers, barn doors are quickly becoming the solution to dozens of interior design dilemmas.

Electric car charging stations

The continued growth of the electric car industry is having a lasting impact on at least one aspect of home building: the garage. As more homeowners make the switch to fully electric cars, charging stations are being a more common fixture in garages. The most expensive stations can be around $3,000 but a small self-installed unit can be as little as $300.

The ever-changing world of technology has greatly impacted home construction. There has been an increased focus on green home and home automation, which these trends do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Changes in technology will continue to drive home construction with a renewed focus on flexibility, automation and energy efficiency.

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