Lower your Utility Bills with these Energy-Efficiency Tips

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The summer heat can start to get to you and your bills. In the dog days of summer, we are used to turning down the air and staying cool inside, this can quickly add up when it comes to utility costs. P&D Builders is here to offer you some tips on how to make changes to help you save on your bills so you can spend that money out enjoying the summer with your friends and family.

Energy-Efficient Homes
Here at P&D Builders we take pride in ensuring that your home is built for energy efficiency. We are proud to announce that we are now a 3.0 ENERGY STAR home builder, making your new home more comfortable and reducing utility bills by making your home more energy efficient. Our Exclusive “SEAL-TIGHT” energy system is a complete program that produces the MOST Energy Efficient homes in the industry and is STANDARD in every home we build!

Quick, energy-efficient fixes
There are major changes you can make to reduce your energy bills, but small ones as well. These easy tasks include:
• Replacing weather stripping on a drafty door
• Washing laundry in cold water
• Changing your ceiling fan’s direction
• Using energy-efficient light bulbs
These simple changes will make a difference on your next round of bills!

Save more than just on bills
Energy-efficient upgrades provide you and your family savings, there is no question about that. In addition to lowering your monthly utility bill or making your home more comfortable in extreme weather, you might be eligible for tax credits, rebates and additional savings. You can make major renovations such as replacing your furnace or updating your windows and be eligible for tax credits. If you have any questions about the tax programs in your state and which ones you are eligible, refer to this website: https://energy.gov/savings.

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