Latest Trends in Home Construction and Renovation

Building a custom home or doing a major renovation is done to create a space that is personal, which means you shouldn’t have to adhere to trends. But there are some trends that you may like to incorporate in your home.

Clean Lines, More Open Spaces

Experts say that new construction is going more contemporary. Even those who choose to stay with more traditional exteriors, the inside concepts are more open. Floor plans that are more open give you more useable space. A kitchen that opens into the dining area or a den give an illusion of a larger floor plan. To bring the outdoors into play in a home, it is becoming more common to have an abundance of glass or lift-and-slide doors. There is a better understanding among homeowners that 100% of their spaces should be completely usable.

Take Some Risks

When building your dream home, you should have some fun. There are many subtle ways to incorporate some edgier concepts into your home. You could get on board with the glass and metal trends, these can be employed throughout your home or even in your staircase. Consider patterned woods, iron-and steel combinations, intricate wood designs. A powder bath is a great place to try a bold concept because it is nothing major so can be easily changed in the future.

The Great Outdoors

In a quest to utilize all your square footage, you don’t want to forget about the backyard. Creating openings between indoor spaces that go directly outdoors can be a way to bring more use, like a patio with a firepit. However, backyards can become quite expensive, so you will need to budget accordingly.

Go Green, Get Smart, and Stay Healthy

The focus of many has become “healthy homes” or “wellness homes.” People are choosing clean-air filtration systems and surfaces that are easier on the body. But if you have the money energy saving tactics are a smart way to live healthier.

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