Landscaping a new Construction Home

Photo of elegant new design villa with backyard

When you and your family decide to build a new home, it is a blank canvas! There are so many decisions that lie ahead. When all of the decision are made about the exterior and interior of the home, it is time to turn to the outdoors. The great news about starting from scratch when it comes to landscape is it is easy to dig up new beds, weeds aren’t yet established and your landscape can only get better from here! Here are some guidelines to help you get the landscape off to a great start.

Figure out the land

Learn about the land before you waste time and money planting items that might not grow well in some areas. You need to study what areas of land get the most sunlight, what parts of the land have the most fertile, rich, loamy soil. Draw a diagram of your backyard to help you visualize areas with problems and promise! Take this opportunity to find out where any wires and pipes are so that way you don’t accidentally run into them when it is too late.

Remove unwanted existing items

If you don’t want existing trees or plants that are there now anymore, simply get rid of them. If a tree looks weak, you do not want it falling into your living room or onto your car in the years to come. If there are previously plants and bushes that won’t look good with your soon to be garden, take them out. This is your chance to start fresh, you will be able to plant trees and bushes of your own.

Think ahead

What is your ultimate goal for this space? Room for the children to play, ample of good produced in the garden or entertaining your friends? Consider what you want to do with that space now and twenty years down the road. Make sure there is some common ground so all of your hard work does not go to waste. Have the space of your dreams but make sure it will fit into the space of your dreams ten years down the road.

If you have any questions about landscape or want advice from our builders, do not be afraid to ask! We are happy to help every step of the way.

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