Home Design Trends to Watch out for in 2018

Digitally generated contemporary domestic kitchen interior design.

As the new year approaches, so do the new home trends. No more cool neutrals, white kitchen accessories and marble. Bring on the earth-toned shades and casual styles. Here are some predictions for 2018 trends.

More color in kitchens

White will always be a classic kitchen design color; however, homeowners are expected to throw in bits of color. Neutrals like grey and blue are predicted to be popular. To add a little warmth to such a cool palette, designers are leaning towards warm wood tones, like mahogany, instead of painted cabinets.

Warm colors throughout the home

In 2017, rich jewel tones matched with cool neutrals was all the rage. This upcoming year seems to be shifting to warmer vibes. The design scene is going to be taken over by reds, warm greys, and earthy shades of rust, camel, brown-blacks and burnt yellow for a rich and sophisticated look.

No more white or stainless-steel sinks

Once age, grittier textures and warmer hues are taking over. Designers are even predicted to rely more on concrete, stone, granite and copper composite sinks in darker hues of gray, black or bronze.

Florals make a comeback

Thanks to grandmas, floral prints tend to get a bad rep, but this year that’s changing. They are expected to come back in a bold and fashionable way. Oversized blooms in high-contrasted colors like teal and goal or black and white are suggested by experts.

Wallpaper-like backsplash

Instead of subway tiles, choose tile that looks like concrete, resin, wood, fabric and even wallpaper. You then get the freedom of design that wallpaper has matched with durability and ease of maintaining the tiles.

Casual and calm modern bedrooms

2017 bedroom trends centered around dark, bold colors like black and raspberry, but this year will bring a more serene vibe. The minimalist looks centered around soft neutrals, simple and functional pieces with delicate fabrics are what homeowners are leaning towards.

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