Easy Essentials Fall Outdoor Decorating

Pumpkins near the door during Halloween season

Just like that another summer has come and is almost (unfortunately) gone. Good things fall has tons of positives to offer! Football season, pumpkin flavored everything, changing leaves, sweater weather and more! Before you know it will be time to start decorating for fall, here are a few easy suggestions on how to make your exterior look festive for the new season.

  1.   Line your steps with different colored and sizes of gourds and pumpkins. This will liven up the colors of your outside area.
  2.  Mums come in a variety of colors and sizes. Choose one or two colors from a uniform look or go wild and get as many colors you can find. Display your mums in different ways like a wagon, bushel basket, wheelbarrow or an old caldron.
  3.  Once fall comes around you will begin to see dried corn used a decoration of choice for many. Indian corn adds color and texture to any setting. Tie a few cobs together for a simple arrangement to hang out your door or porch railing.
  4. Haybales are a fall staple. They look good by themselves and offer up extra seating or they are good for adding different levels of height to your exterior display.
  5.  Mix up the colors, and by mixing up we are inferring it does not all have to be orange. Make a statement by adding white, green, yellow or red.
  6.  And finally, add a festive fall wreath to your door! If you don’t end up doing any other decorating, at least do this to put your family and guests in the fall mood every time they walk in the door.

From everyone here at P&D Builders, LTD., have a wonderful fall season!

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