MythBusting the Myths About Winter Home Building

Construction Projects during the winterSome folks say that you shouldn’t start to build a home in the winter. Not true!  Here are a few reasons why it is perfectly fine to start the process now:

MYTH # 1. Cold weather plays havoc with lumber exposed to the elements in the framing stage.

Since inclement weather is likely to occur, the lumber industry continues to develop procedures that are used in the milling process that inhibit the effects of poor weather. You certainly get wet days at any time of year, but the summer has higher humidity that can keep the lumber from drying out after a rain.

Instead, lumber that is exposed to the more infrequent rainy day in the dead of winter is exposed to very low humidity and has a chance to lose the absorbed moisture during the remainder of the construction process. Homes under construction must be heated in the winter and along with the low humidity the drying out is accelerated.

MYTH # 2. Workmanship suffers when construction workers are fighting the elements.

It is obvious that most everyone would prefer to have beautiful weather to perform their work in but seldom are conditions perfect and that fact is accepted as part of the job. No matter the time of year, there always seem to be some challenge to overcome, be it wind, rain, sweltering heat and humidity or numbing cold. It may be difficult to believe but there are a fair amount of workers who prefer the cold to working in heat and humidity.

MYTH # 3. Homes built in the winter are priced higher than homes built in the summer.

While it is true that there are additional expenses to account for to get a project completed in the winter, compared to the overall cost of the project they are relatively insignificant. These additional costs may however, be less than the increased price for materials and labor in early spring.

So if you are waiting to start the process of building your new home due to the time of year, forget about it.  Call P&D Builders today and start to review some locations and floor plans.