2018 Window & Door Trends

Windows and doors are an important part of a home. On top of being major features, they can also enhance your curb appeal. Make 2018 the year to replace older windows, doors, hardware or treatment. Here are some of the top trends 2018 has instore for windows and doors.


Windows in your home can impact many areas, installation can improve your home’s décor, efficiency and curb appeal. Here are some other window trends expected for 2018:


As last year’s trends may suggest, homeowners continue to look for ways to increase their home’s energy efficiency with the right windows. When choosing energy-efficient windows, start with windows that have been Energy Star certified. This certification means that they have been tested and meet standards that are set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Black Window Fames

Style is important when choosing your windows, back window frames are trending this new year. Any type of material can be made into a black frame.

Window Treatments

Sometimes windows are in good shape, but need a different look. Changing window treatments is a great way to get them up-to-date.

Colorful & Geometric Curtains

Both styles are predicted to be hot this year. They can add just the stylish touch you need in any room. Textures are also trending this year, so look for curtains with various textures like velvet or tassel embellishments.

Natural Window Treatments

Natural window treatments are another trend from 2017 that is to continue in the new year. Materials like bamboo and woven cotton will remain popular to homeowners for blinds and shades.


One of the first things a visitor notices about your home is your front door. Choosing the glass inserts, hardware and color gives you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind entry door to your home. Here is what you’ll find in 2018:

Bold Colors

Front doors with a color that really pops has already become more popular. While red has been a trendy choice in the past, teal and yellow are now big colors. Changing the color is a great way to dress up an older door without a complete door replacement.

Door Décor

A budget friendly and easy way to make your door more stylish is changing the door décor. A year-round wreath is a great décor idea. You’ll want to stick to minimal and bold pattern styles to hang on your door year-round, warm metallic details are also hot this year.

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