2017 Home Design: Trends that are here to stay!

As custom home builders in the Columbus, Ohio area, it is our job to stay on the forefront of interior design trends. We pay attention to the trends that will come and go, then most importantly, the ones that are here to stay. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we can expect to see into 2018.

Entertainment Aspects

You have probably seen bar carts in either your home or the home of your friends. At first bar carts started out as DYI projects, creating make shift bar carts out of items already around the house. Then, the popular design stores got a hold of the concept and they have turned into elegant, functional furniture pieces for the home. Many homeowners want to bring the cocktail experience to their own homes as a way to entertain their guests and create specialty cocktails at home. Bar carts provide a great place to stage cocktails, complete with glasses, mixers, liquor, bar tools and ultimately allows homeowners to put their own spin on it with decorations. A beautifully appointed bar cart can take stage in a room when a mirror or piece of art is hung about it, or when the wall behind it is painted a dramatic color or covered in a grass cloth wallpaper.

Open Storage

The open-concept storage does not seem to be going anywhere. Stylish kitchen accessories, attractively bound cookbooks, even fresh herbs, can all make for a chic look. This opens up the kitchen and allows for a bright and airy look and also offers amazing capability.

beautiful house, interior, view of the kitchen

Sustainable Design

Trends that include going green with recycled materials, designing with refurbished vintage furniture and maximizing the use of LED light are definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. The importance of helping the environment is a concept that hopefully will be around for many generations to come. Shopping local is a great way to cut back on shipping materials and a way to support local businesses. Vintage pieces promote re-use of objects and inspires others to use what they already have to create beautiful home furnishings. Whenever you can incorporate LED lighting into your home, take the chance to do so. Not only will it save energy, but it can save you money on your monthly utility bills, a win win!

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